Thursday, December 1, 2011

Deadly Anagrams

I saw the gap spew forth the law of the apes.
A sea of pews and the awe of penitents cannot halt the sale.
Seven times seven is a gross violation
And we gape at our sagging edifice.

The wage of sin slew the gasping throng
As we swapped tales of plague and lapse.
The paws of the beast leapt nearer,
His claws like an awl piercing the heart.

I felt the air grow thick, a gas filling my lungs with lead.
I saw the root of a massive tree.
Now the leaves bloom black, the fruit is a stillborn husk,
And the bark: sewn skin.

They find me on the edge of a yawn.
They grasp at my mind
In the moments before I am unconscious.
I never suspect how deep the roots grow.

An ancient adversary, a primeval list.
I recognize them too late and my pleas fall on deaf ears.
My soul has been sapped.
I write my repentance but the pages are blank. 

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